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Case Study – Bank Of Melbourne

Bank of Melbourne Relaunch

Icon Creations worked very closely with the BOM project management team to create prototypes for the relaunch of Bank of Melbourne in July 2011, this was a highly confidential project and keeping the grand opening timelines under wraps was entrusted to us. We were heavily involved in pre-manufacturing prototyping, discussions on appropriate manufacturing procedures for all illuminated external and internal signage. Once finalised these procedures were rolled out to all manufactures.

Through developing the printed background blends we became the central contact for all manufacturers for the supply of blends as well as being the sole supplier for digital print applied to all BOM logos; this guaranteed BOM consistency throughout the relaunch.

The timelines in this project were the very tight installation of 68 branches over 1 weekend which meant there were multiple installers across Victoria. As we were the main manufacturer our project management of logistics, identifying potential risks, and assuring contingency plans put in place were vital. Icon Creations successfully installed 8 sites out of the 68 with our installation department over 2 days outside of trading hours, the remaining 60 were installed with a large network of contractors.

The deadline and budget were duly met with no defects which speaks volumes for the combination of knowledge and planning expertise across manufacturing & logistics within our business.

Brand consistency matters

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